St. Francis Sales P U College
Hebbagodi, Electronic City P.O., Bengaluru- 560100.

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Independence Day
Date: 15/08/2023
Time: 8.00AM

“ये बात हवाओ को बताये रखना, रौशनी होगी चिरागों को जलाये रखना, लहू देकर जिसकी हिफाजत हमने की, ऐसे तिरंगे को सदा दिल में बसाये रखना।”

The 77 th Independence Day was celebrated in SFS PU College premises on 15 th August 2023, with gusto and fervour. The celebration began with the hoisting of the Tricolour. The programme commenced with the Principal’s speech. The Principal lauded the efforts of soldiers and freedom fighters. The euphonious songs sung by the lecturers evoked patriotic fervour in the audience.