SFS PU College
Excellence - Quality - Service

 Vision, Mission And Core Values

Our Vision

Excellence, Quality and Service
S.F.S P. U College is devoted to promote Excellence, Quality and Service. Since its inception, the college has been taking huge strides towards excellence in all spheres of education and learning. Quality and Service are more than a motto here, as the college strives to make these the way of student’s life and culture. Students are provided with optimum exposure to develop their personality in the mental, physical, intellectual, cultural, ethical and spiritual realms. Individual brilliance and competence is nurtured not only for one’s self but with a social dimension so that future leaders of this great country emerge as responsible, compassionate and wonderful human beings.

Our Mission

S.F.S P. U College is committed to equip the students with knowledge and skills from their chosen vocation, inculcate values, provide them opportunities for a wholesome growth and prepare them to confront the challenges of life. Our mission is to help each student (youth) to achieve his or her full potential and to contribute to the further development of the society.

Core Values

In fulfilling our Vision and Mission we are committed to these core values:
• Commitment to God.
• Commitment to Citizenship.
• Commitment to Learning
• Commitment to Diversity
• Commitment to Fiscal Responsibility
• Commitment to Faculty and Staff
• Commitment to Quality Campus Environment.