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Pre-university course is the beginning of specialization, which enables the students to choose one among the three academic streams (Science, arts and commerce) available to them to pursue their higher studies. Each combination offers four core subjects within the area of their choice apart from languages that are compulsory. First language-English is compulsory. Second language can be selected from Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil French.

The different combinations offered in the college:
i) English
ii) Language: (Any one of the following languages)
Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and French

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology (PCMB)
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Comp. Science (PCMC)

Statistics, Economics, Commerce (Business Studies), Accountancy (SEBA)
Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Comp. Science (EBAC)

History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology (HEPS)