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Christmas celebration
Christmas was celebrated in our SFS PU college on Dec 22nd 2017. It was an auspicious occasion where all our dear Desalites, staff and the entire management gathered to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ who left the glory of heaven to become fully human like one of us.  The occasion was enlightened by our eminent chief guest Rev. Fr. Maria Selvam , professor and finance officer at Suvidhya college.  His presence embraced the entire Desalite family and shared his precious thoughts on Christmas. Indeed, he is a man of distinct vision and a fountain-head of illuminating ideas.  Very specially,  this joyous celebration was grace filled by our Principal Rev. Fr. Saji who gave an inspiring message and a beautiful story about Reindeers and significance of this celebration.  The programme was followed by cultural events and a play “Bishop's Candlesticks” that boosted the entire atmosphere. Our Desalites witnessed the true spirit of Christmas through these culturals. The occasion witnessed students receiving badges and prizes for various events like Vyuha, Vibhinna, Exam toppers, etc. Further, the programme continued to spread the vibes of Christmas through the melodious carols sung by the college choir. Finally, our celebration was complete by the surprise entry of Santa Claus who poured out joy into our hearts by his actions. Thus, the entire celebration of Christmas was a feast to our eyes and warmth to our hearts.